Nobody wants rip and replace solutions

December 15, 2021 | 5 Mins David Daly

It is often the case when multinational companies require solutions to specific challenges they are facing, they get advised that it is time they ripped up the old solution or process and replace it with something entirely different.

There seems to be a lack of recognition out there that this is something that most don’t really want to hear.  This scenario puts them into position of adopting a long-term project-something that is likely very costly and time-consuming while also requiring multiple different stakeholders and communication points.

You have enough projects

While people will always accept, that a certain amount of hard work and effort is required, they usually have little appetite to undertake a project that is going to take months of their time. The likelihood is that they will be asked to participate in the project while also continuing to deliver on their daily duties. They’re looking for something faster and smarter, with smart technology doing the heavy lifting.

Crucially, what they often don’t want is to completely rip up and replace an existing process that they had previously invested a lot of time in. What they’re really looking for, is a technology solution that works in tandem with the existing processes they have in place. If this can be done via a relatively fast and pain-free integration process, then even better.

Salespeople and solution providers sometimes forget to consider that a lot of time, effort and hard work has been put into an existing process, and a request to simply rip it up and consign it to the past, can seem a little dismissive of this hard work and effort. In many cases, it is also not very practical, companies may not have the staff levels or specific project managers in place to handle a rip and replace project. Even if the justification is there from a business perspective, the concept of a rip and replace project can be very unappealing.

Something that works with what you already have

These are the words that people want to hear! Some real digital innovation and a technology platform with prebuilt integration capabilities, specifically designed to seamlessly connect with IT infrastructure as well as retain and manage any existing vendors.

At Payslip, we recognize that you have spent time, money and effort developing your current global payroll process and vendor relationships. You likely have neither the time nor the justification for a costly and time consuming ‘rip and replace’ project. You are looking for a tech solution that can work along with what you already have, integrates easily with your vendors and has a short implementation time.

The good news is that your existing process can be integrated with our global payroll control platform. We have worked hard on our integration capabilities because we know that ‘rip and replace’ is not what people want.

We get it, you:

Have In Country Providers (ICPs) you like and want to retain and manage

Have a HCM that is bought and paid for

Deliver payroll using more than one system

Have smart tools for HR/finance and want the same for payroll

What you want is something that ties it all together, giving you visibility, control and a global view.  We make it work so your existing people & processes can work smarter with our technology.  And you get all of this on a single platform.

Our global payroll control platform works with whatever vendors and process you currently have in place. It enhances them via:

Standardized data and processes

Automated inputs and validations for faster payroll delivery

Consolidated multi country reporting

Existing tech stack, HCM and financial accounting software integrations

Global view: visibility, control, and management

It can be done

Want to keep those important relationships you have built with your preferred vendors. You can.

But you also want to be in a position to swap out and replace new vendors when you need to. You can.

You want to make huge improvements to the way you deliver and manage multi country global payroll while also continuing to leverage all that is good about your existing payroll process. You can.

You want fast, smart and automated data flows from your HCM and ICP systems into your global payroll process. You can.

You want all the data standardized globally to facilitate multi-country reporting so you can track costs, trends and country comparisons. You can.

Fixing what is missing

Your current system and process is getting employees paid, but that is not enough-you need more.

Automation to replace manual processes

Standardized data across all countries

Detailed, comprehensive and consolidated global reporting

Seamless HCM integrations

Secure data, and file sharing

Digitized global payroll in a secure cloud environment

Global framework but local country nuance enabled

Local and global compliance

Payslip delivers this.

Ignore what is not true

Service providers and aggregators will tell you that you need to ditch what you have and undertake a huge project to get something shiny and new! But this is their interests being served-what about yours?

Of course, they want you to ditch your old process and buy their service offering, because the design and purpose of their service model is not to seamlessly integrate and work in tandem with the existing processes that you have invested time into over the years.

It is always advisable to get as much information as possible on the integration capabilities of any solution provider. Sometimes they can be a little vague on the functionality and it can turn out to be less impressive than you might have hoped for. The key thing is to avoid anything that involves lengthy project planning or an ongoing implementation project that seems to take forever. There will always be some work involved, but it should not be a complete rip and replace-and the purpose and goal of the technology should be clear from the outset.

Does a rip and replace work for you? Do you have the time, money and desire for it? Will it solve the problems you have right now or add long-term value in the future? These are likely questions that you can answer very quickly, so don’t hesitate to ask them of yourself and your team. This is your global payroll process-you want something that is going to be set up quickly and where the benefits of the new process become evident in a fast period of time. The return on investment should be clear and evident within months, not years.

Payslip do it different. Better.

Payslip helps you identify and solve what is not working, while also better positioning you for future global payroll delivery and growth efficiency

Why Payslip?

No rip and replace

Retain and manage your existing process and vendors

Connect and integrate with our platform

Choose your own providers

Manage global payroll on your terms

Enjoy scaleup control and growth efficiency

If you are interested in learning more about a global payroll control platform for global payroll delivery and management in 2022, then talk to our team today. We will show you exactly how we will take you on a journey to growth efficiency, a journey that does not involve a ‘rip and replace’ project.


For information on the Payslip Platform contact us today.

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